Upstart Productions Inc. is a company of artists dedicated to the production of original, creative, and engaging material on stage, on screen, online, and wherever else entertainment can be found. Among its founding members are:

Joel Trinidad, performer, playwright, and director; Onyl Torres, stage actor, singer, vocal coach, and musical director; and Noel Trinidad, multi-awarded stage performer, writer, comedian, composer, and media celebrity.

So whether it’s an exciting original work or a brash new take on an existing one, Upstart is here to start an artistic uprising—but never at the xpense of entertainment. Because Upstart believes that a work of art can be profound without being pretentious, creative without being confusing, and brainy without being boring. (Because really, if it’s not fun, then what’s the point?).


Monty Python's Spamalot

Winner of the 2005 Tony Award for Best Musical. An insanely hilarious (and hilariously insane) musical version of the King Arthur legend. Starring (in alphabetical order) Roxy Aldiosa, Rachel Alejandro, Reb Atadero, Rachel Coates, Domileo Espejo, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Lorenz Martinez, Noel Rayos, Bibo Reyes, Dean Rosen, George Schulze, Edrei Tan, and Chino Veguillas. Directed by Joel Trinidad and Nicky TriviƱo.




“We thoroughly enjoyed Breakups & Breakdowns. It was very well-written. Clever and witty. Like watching Neil Simon and Woody Allen. A refreshing look at the old game of love among today's young people.”

— Jose Mari Chan, singer/songwriter

“It was so entertaining, so witty, and very intelligently written. He directed it with confidence and great style. I liked the wordless exchanges-- those are difficult to pull off successfully. Nice touches like that livened up the show. Well-acted, too.”

— Leo Rialp, actor/director

“It’s very real. I saw myself in it!” — Tessie Tomas, comedienne

“[ON JOEL TRINIDAD’S SCRIPT] It’s the first time I’ve ever watched genius in action.”

— Gary Lising, comedian

“Brilliant... original...” — Chuck Gomez, The Philippine Star

“[A] must-watch show for theater lovers... I’m proud that Filipinos can create an original romantic comedy musical that can rival Broadway shows...”

— Anton Diaz,

Much Ado About Nothing

“... impressive energy... If the goal is to make Filipino teenagers appreciate Shakespeare, then Upstart Productions has succeeded with this production.”

— Carmela Lapeña, GMA News


“Engaging... a treat to watch... a perfect date play”

— Sujata S. Mukhi, BusinessWorld

“Hilarious... insightful...” — Sujata S. Mukhi, BusinessWorld

“Joel Trinidad’s Crush Hour is a delightful, fun, energetic and endearing piece. What an incredible New York theater debut! I'm sure we will see much more from this talented artist and playwright!”

— Tara Howard, New York photographer


“Crush Hour encapsulates, in a neat-and-tight four minutes, the obsessive silliness that is puberty. A hilarious, lightning-fast time warp.”

— Pat Vicente, UNICEF