About RIVALRY: Ateneo-La Salle The Musical




The setting is 1968, when Ateneo and La Salle were still part of the NCAA with other schools such as Letran, San Beda, Mapua and Jose Rizal.

The story revolves around two families.

The Basilio family, headed by Green-blooded Demetrio and his wife, Dolores. They have a son, Tommy, who is the star basketball player of the La Salle Senior Basketball Team.

The other family is the Valencia family, led by Blue-blooded Papa Anton and his wife Andrea. By the way, Andrea and Dolores are sisters. There are two children in the Valencia family; Paco, who is the star player of the Ateneo Senior Basketball Team, and Quito, a very passionate and active member of the Social Order Club, consistent Honor Student, Class President.

Despite belonging to opposing schools, Tommy Basilio and his cousins, Paco and Quito Valencia are the best of friends. And faced with the possibility of playing against each other for the NCAA Basketball Championship, Tommy and Paco seem to be unmindful of this complication.

On the girl issue, Quito has a silent love for a Maryknoller, Reena San Jose. This very natural emotion attracts a very complicated situation, which we would like you to know when you come and watch the musical when it formally opens.

The closeness of the cousins is not shared by their fathers. It seems on the surface that their long-standing personal feud is on account of their respective school loyalties. But towards the latter part of Act Two, the real issue was on account of how they dealt with a serious conflict in their professional careers. Realizing the futility of prolonging the feud, they decide to bury their hatchets.

In Act Two, academics continues to seem to be a rivalry issue. Social issues also awaken the sensitivities of both the Atenean and the La Sallite.

At the end, the rivalry is clear... the Atenean and the La Sallite have a mutual silent respect for his rival, who he considers worthy enough to be a threat and win the girl he loves, the basketball championship that he longs for, the future job that he will desire...

In effect, the cause of the rivalry resulted in the Atenean and the La Sallite to excel in every field. The neutral group then brings up the question: “If, as rivals, you pursued excellence and became successful, what more if you were allies?”

This thought intrigues both camps. As they start to move towards each other in an attempt for a handshake, they quickly stop and say, “No...this cannot be. Without rivalry, there can be no Ateneo...no La Salle! The rivalry goes on!!!” But what they really mean is that without rivalry, the future Atenean and La Sallite will not be as good, as excellent, as successful!

Performing in this musical are seasoned stage actors and actresses, including Felix Rivera, Red Concepcion, Jeremy Aguado, Mako Alonzo, Athena Tibi, OJ Mariano, Raymund Concepcion, Sheila Francisco, Juliene Mendoza, Caisa Borromeo, Mica Pineda, Chinnie Nepomuceno, Chino Veguillas, Raul Montesa, Kevin Concepcion, Jay Pangilinan, Gabs Santos, Mark Tayag, Meynard Penalosa and with a special appearance of seasoned Theatre/Film/TV Actor Noel Trinidad as Eliseo Genaro.

Jaime del Mundo directs, Joel Trinidad is the lyricist and Nancy Crowe choreographs.


“Rivalry” Ateneo-La Salle The Musical

Date: January 27, 2012 - March 11, 2012

Time: Wednesday-Saturday, 8PM
Saturday and Sunday, 3PM Matinee Show

Venue: Meralco Theater, Ortigas

Ticket Prices:

Orchestra Center - P1,699.50

Orchestra Side - P1,339.00

Loge-A - P1,030.00

Loge-B - P978.50

Balcony-A - P824.00

Balcony-B - P618.00


For Tickets, please call Anson Tan +63 917 530-0498 or Dennis Chan +63 917 522-2778

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